Burger King Allows Bitcoin Payment in Germany

Burger King has now started accepting Bitcoin (BTC) payments in its delivery website and mobile application. 

Surprisingly the option of payment with cryptocurrencies and more accurately with Bitcoin has just appeared among the payment options of the world-famous fast-food chain. What remains unclear is if customers have the opportunity to pay with Bitcoin in German’s physical Burger King restaurants. 


Does King Burger accept Bitcoin for the first time?


The answer to this question is obviously no, especially if we take under consideration that the popularity of Bitcoin has risen the last three-four years. This popularity nowadays tends to become an emergency action for global players. 

Bitcoin was first accepted in 2017, by a Burger King in Arnhem, a city in the Netherlands.

Last but not least, at the beginning of summer 2017, Burger King Russia announced that they would start accepting Bitcoin payments. It has afterward introduced its own virtual currency called Whoppercoin.




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September 3, 2019
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