First Blockchain Birth Certificates Recorded in Brazil

Blockchain Technology made its great appearance in the healthcare industry once again. More specifically, the first birth certificate, ever created, was issued by blockchain technology in Brazil.

Álvaro de Medeiros Mendonça is one of the first children in the country to have their birth certificate recorded exclusively on blockchain technology. More sporadically, the hospital invited the parents to participate in a project developed by two giant companies, Growth Tech, and IBM. The registration process took less than 5 minutes, according to the father of the child.

Growth Tech’s Notary Ledgers platform was responsible for the registration process of the new child born. According to its founder Hugo Pierre, this technology offers better efficiency, especially in the case of recording birth certificates. Furthermore, according to IBM’s blockchain leader in Latin America, Carlos Rischioto, the child registration method can be divided into three parts. The first part is named “Live Birth Statement,” and can be performed only by the hospital. Afterward, is the creation of a digital identity on the platform by the parents, and last but not least, the finalizing of the certificate is complete only when the information has been sent to the notary office.

Undoubtedly, through this process, the most significant benefits of blockchain technology can be identified; elimination of 3rd parties, efficiency, and transparency.

Another great implementation of blockchain in the healthcare industry is the example of South Korean hospital, partnering with both Logenesis and the biotechnology company Insilico Medicine, for the creation of a blockchain-based health data management solution.

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September 2, 2019
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